About Us

Learn more about us and our passion for helping Costco shoppers save more


We're Alex and Christopher — two Costco fans just like you who want to help fellow shoppers save money during these challenging times and provide the most out of your shopping experience. Like you, we've felt the pinch of rising costs, shrinkflation, and know that every dollar counts. That's why we created this app — to put those hard-earned dollars back into the pockets of everyday shoppers like yourselves.

What drives us is simple:

  • 🛒 Our love for Costco's incredible value and quality products.
  • 💰 A desire to save you money through effortless price monitoring.


So why did we build this app?

Because times are tough, and we want to ease that burden, even if just a little. By automatically catching price drops and securing refunds, we're helping put cash back where it belongs — with hard-working folks like you.

At the end of the day, we're not motivated by profits or shareholders. We're motivated by the smiles on the faces of Costco members who can stretch their budgets a bit further thanks to our app.

So join us on this money-saving journey! We're in this together, and we can't wait to help you keep more of your hard-earned cash.

Alex and Christopher